Developed in collaboration with the Danish Driving Instructor Union
and Midtjysk Kørelærer Uddannelse

Developed in collaboration with Dansk Kørelærer-Union and Midtjysk Kørelærer Uddannelse


The module is designed for use in connection with the driving instructor training programme.

With 6000+ images, illustrations and backgrounds, trainees can build their own lessons without spending hours searching for suitable material or old image series. You can even upload your own images and backgrounds if you want to get creative with your own material.

The aspirant module costs 1,500,- kr. excl. VAT and free of charge if you sign up DKU trainee offers, which are also free of charge. It covers two training programmes if you don't pass the first time. We will then convert your self-study for use in Drive4you when you either open your own driving school or become a driving instructor at a driving school that uses our platform.

The aspirant module is free of charge for the educational institution if it is used by the instructor.

In addition to the image bank, it is important that the system is simple, fast and logical to use. For inspiration, there are 4 categories of teaching lessons prepared by the Danish Driving Instructor Union. 

As a trainee, you can, after passing the programme and have your lessons converted to a user profile on Drive4you at no cost. There is no time limit for this offer, but can be utilised when you are ready as a driving instructor.

The Aspirant module has a good and well-developed help function and new material is added on an ongoing basis. This way, the user always has the latest images and information at their disposal.

The trainee module allows for the use of two and even three screens. By default, the trainer's material is displayed on your own PC and images with or without text are displayed on a large screen or projector. In addition, a tablet can be used in combination to display the trainer's text and as a navigation device for switching back and forth between images and lessons.



Teaching can be done in front of the students, with text below the image, above the image, on the image or without it. Here you can use a tablet to walk around freely and interact with your students. The tablet displays the text and your navigation features between images and lessons.

Choose from more than 6000 images, illustrations and backgrounds or upload your own material, there's every opportunity to get creative. All images are categorised by category and educational topic. So you can quickly and easily find an image and write your own text.

You write the text for your image yourself. If you want text above an image, this is possible. If you want text below an image, this is also possible. You can even write on top of an image or a nice background. The text in the centre field can also be used to display only on your computer and then only display an image, or you can combine the use of all three fields as you wish. Choose font, font colour, font size, background colour, text placement, etc.

The result can only be limited by your own creativity, so experiment and find the look and feel you want for your training. Here is an example of an intro image where all three fields are utilised.

Here's a great example of text placed under an image. It allows you to connect with your students and at the same time get text information about what you need to explain about the image in question. When you get so much experience that the text is "second nature", you can easily remove the text again or replace it with another.

Easily and simply build your lesson, frame by frame. You can move images around, insert images between others effortlessly.

All functions are accompanied by detailed help descriptions. You can view it on your screen or print it out and keep it next to you on your desk. If you have any questions that are not answered in "Getting Started", we are ready to help, just write to us.

For inspiration, we have included the 4 current categories of standard lessons that are used daily by the vast majority of driving instructors using Drive4you. Then you can see how these are organised and which texts are used.

Once you have passed your exam and decided whether you want to start your own driving school or become a driving instructor, we will transfer your own lessons so you can use them in Drive4you, along with all the other benefits you will receive, such as evaluative and control tests, theory films and a well-developed student platform with statistics on teams and individual students. The transfer is completely free, but can only be moved to the Drive4you platform.