Developed in collaboration with the Danish Driving Instructors' Union

Drive4you for driving schools


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Please state if you are a member of DKU,
then you get 10% discount on all purchases.

The demo is without any binding,
so you can safely try before you buy.


    249,- per. mths.
    KAT. A, B, B / E and T / M

    399,- per. mths.
    KAT. A, B, B/E, T/M, C, D and E
    Pr. mths. excl. VAT and upon payment for 12 mths.
    Teachers can be created at no extra cost.

    Your driving school will have access to:

    – Teaching in category A, B, B / E and T / M
    – Evaluation tests for category A, B, B / E and T / M
    – Control samples for categories A and B

    – Possibility of conducting interactive tests
    (requires student license)
    – Simple elev registration
    (the student can register himself)
    – Student and team administration with statistics
    – Design that adapts to all screens
    – 20 theory tests for passenger cars + random
    – 10 English theory tests for passenger cars + random
    – 8 theory tests for motorcycle + random
    – Film for teaching and theory tests

    or as above, plus lorry/bus/trailer:

    Teaching in category C, D and E
    – Evaluating- and control samples for those 4 categories

    – Possibility of conducting interactive tests (requires student license)
    – 11 theory tests for Truck + random
    – 11 theory tests for Hanger + random
    – 10 theory tests for Bus + random

    -and most importantly, a system that is constantly updated.

    We are happy to give a demonstration, either over
    the Internet or by visiting your driving school.

    You can get free help, to build your own teaching
    and creation of own samples.

    Contact us for further information at 70 26 24 44


    After we have started using Drive4you.dk we have a teaching program and tests which as always are "up to date". Easy to work with.!”

    Driving School Down Town, Esbjerg

    Simply the best there is on the market. theory Samples, evaluative, control tests and theory films, it just "runs". They exist without additional theory teaching,

    I'm just so happy 😉

    Bodrive Driving School, Ebberup

    In Drive4you I have a good complete teaching system which is built according to the teaching plan. In addition, evaluative samples, control tests and online tests for students, at a high professional level. All in all, a super good work tool.

    Driving school D-K Traffic, Albertslund